November 7, 2022

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No membership dues, no bylaws. Just an opportunity for producers to share ideas and information. The only cost is a small fee to cover expenses for the meeting room.


Nov. 7 - 8:00am to 5:00pm


Las Vegas Convention Center - in partnership with Wedding MBA


Includes Summit and Wedding MBA!

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All-Day, Ongoing, Educational Conversations


Continental Breakfast & Introductions


Keith “K.C.” KoKoruz, Windy City Wedding Show

Does your show resemble Sears or Tesla? If you aren’t growing, you are dying. Where is your show’s future?


Ryan Jacobs

Spot My Photo - Ryan will demonstrate the most amazing, branded way of photographing your show so that vendors and attendees immediately share them to their social media of choice.


Marc McIntosh and Renee Roberts, Team Wedding Marketing

Attendance Advertising - Getting More While Spending Less. In this presentation we will look at ways to grow or maintain your attendance while spending less money on advertising.

  • How offering some of your tickets for free can actually increase your profit.
  • Why you should never offer an automatic discount for online ticket orders, and what to do instead.
  • What has changed with Google and Facebook since the last time you advertised a show?
  • What are the pros and cons of outsourcing your advertising?
  • Q & A with Marc & Renee


Open Roundtable

New Powerful Ideas that Covid has led you to discover

Life Hacks Round Table discussion: Apps, Software, Websites, resources to make your business run more smoothly.


Working lunch in same room, open discussion


Open Roundtable

What national websites do you list your show on?

What advertising source brings you the most wedding couples?

Sponsorships & ticket options

2:15 -3:15pm

Prianka Dhir

Selling & Marketing to Gen Z Couples The oldest Gen Zers are now 24 years old! Translation: Within a matter of years, Gen Z couples will be your predominant clients. How will their buying behaviors and expectations impact the way business is done in the weddings industry?

  • Who is Gen Z and how are they different from millennials
  • How to market and sell to Gen Z
  •  Emerging trends on the horizon to help prepare you
  • Presentation and snack from Maroo




Open Discussion

Where do you market to find new vendors?

Social Media Madness: A round table about which platforms are delivering new clients to your show.

Who is on TIC TOC?

Negotiating With Your Venue Floorplans

Fashion Shows

Contracts & Insurance


Chris Evans, Evans Sales Solutions
Keith “K.C.” KoKoruz, Windy City Wedding Show

NOON (EST) - Chris Evans - Evans Sales Solutions
"Social Responsibility Show Production Post Covid"
In this session, Chris Evans will share: Update on the state of business in CA that may be coming to your state. Tangible steps producers can take to gain market share and be socially responsible. What are the public's current feelings on this topic? How can producers be socially responsible without being self-serving?
1:00pm (EST) - Sheila Dunn - Texas Weddings
"Alternative Income Roundtable"
What can we do to bring in income now and what can we add when we do get live shows back.
2:00pm (EST) - Prianka Dhir - BoothIQ
Flodesk: How to make emails people love to get! Deep dive into the newest email marketing tool
Canva: Create beautiful designs for marketing materials online
Instagram: How to use Instagram effectively to market your business. Including information on "Reels" which is the newest update to Instagram
3:00pm (EST) - Keith KoKoruz - Windy City Wedding Show
"Current Social Media Trends and the Future of Bridal Spending"
Is your social media sitting idle during this pandemic or are you still interacting with wedding couples and wedding vendors? Which social media platforms are the best to reach your desired target? When this pandemic is all over what will the wedding industry look like?
NOON (EST) - Alan Berg
Selling Your Way To The New Norm In The Wedding & Events Industry

These are crazy, uncertain times and navigating the sales and marketing process now requires a delicate touch, and professional help. The more things change… the more they’re not remaining the same. Selling during a crisis is a delicate balance. Without sales your business can’t survive. How you handle marketing and selling now will determine your business’ future. Join marketing guru, Alan Berg CSP for this presentation and hear:
•How to relate to current and prospective customers at this time
•How to stay relevant and top of mind
•How to approach your marketing and advertising
•Ideas for closing the sale and getting commitment when money is tight
1:00pm (EST) - Ed Steenman - Steenman Associates
"How Google My Business Can Help Your Business"
Update on recent changes to the Google My Business platform and the unique challenges bridal producers face using this Google tool. We will also do a mini round table discussion to talk about other new media trends and what new tools show producers are using or considering.
2:00pm (EST) - Bill Heaton - Great Bridal Expo
"The Art of Closing the Deal"
3:00pm (EST) - Sal Richetti - Pittsburgh Bridal Showcase
"Open Roundtable Wrap Up"
Open session for anything you want to share or ask any questions you have.

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